Introducing AMETALENT International Employment Group 

Today, transfer of manpower in different parts of the world has changed to one of the inseparable parts of globalization. Skilled manpower seeks job opportunities beyond the boarders of their nations; such opportunities which may bring about precious experiences of work and life in a quite different place. On the other hand, employers, specially in the countries facing shortage of expert manpower or high employment cost of skilled manpower, hire expert manpower from other countries. Companies which are active in EU Member States and Middle East countries are among the companies that hire manpower in different career fields from various countries of the world.

AMETALENT International Employment Group is among Ronika Group Companies working in the field of recruitment and employment in EU and Middle East countries. Benefitting from its experienced experts, this company has changed recruitment and employment in such countries to an available experience for jobseekers.

AMETALENT experts will assist jobseekers in all stages of employment and working in a new country from preparation and submission of resume, job interview and obtaining work permit to residence and settlement in their new countries.

Jobseekers who are applying for a suitable job and residency through work permit in these countries may stay in contact with AMETALENT experts by filling out a CV.

Take the first step towards new career future with confidence.

Ametalent is dedicated to employ the most talented people in the following fields:

Computer sciences
Software programing
Cartoon technics
Cinema technics
Video games programing
Environmental sciences
Clean and green energy
Material science

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