Introducing the Outsourcing Group

In the recent years, by the growth of production and service companies and development of competition space in open economies, business owners have enjoyed manpower beyond the national boarders (outsourcing) for cooperation in the process of goods production and service provision aiming at promoting the efficiency of their enterprises. Outsourcing encompasses a broad range of tasks from production of some parts of goods to support services for customers and it has been changed to one of the popular strategies among business owners within the recent decades.

On the other hand, vacancies in industries which is followed by decreased efficiency has become one of major challenges for manufacturers of our nation. This is while connection to European companies that are willing to outsource the production of their goods and services to Iranian manufacturers will result in maximum use of production vacancies and increase of production and export for Iranian manufacturers.

Having several years of work experience and enjoying comprehensive information from European companies, Ronika Group experts are able to connect the manufacturers of our nation to the European companies that are willing to outsource their products and to help them increase their productions and to develop their businesses.

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