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Roonika Group Companies utilize high performance team and Co-Founder past experience in international recruitment and talent acquisition and also in outsource Manufacturing of different products in Iran. Recruiting and Training of Commercial Resources in Iran is another service provided by Roonika Group.

Roonika Group aims to support its clients by connecting EU and ME employers to Iranian expert resources and manufacturers complying with Group Slogan which is “people and companies can see the beauty side of their future career and make their dreams come true by correct choice”.


Ametalent paves your way to your ideal career path in EU and ME Countries

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Outsource Manufacturing is another service provided by Roonika Group which will connect Iranian Manufacturers to EU Companies looking for outsource services

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Recruitment of Commercial Professionals

You can experience special services of recruitment and talent acquisition of Commercial Professionals in Iran with Roonika Group

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Sending Resume

Those jobseekers and employers who intend to receive services in any of the three fields of activity of Ronika Group, namely employment and recruitment in EU Member States and Middle East Countries in the company’s intended job fields, cooperation in outsourcing of goods and services and employment in commercial job field in Iran, can send their resumes to our experts through the following links based on the type of requested services.

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