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Your business is developing rapidly and you and your team have so many tasks to do. You cannot take a break for a moment; there are so many phone calls and invoices to deal with. You have to start a new task before you finish the previous one. After finishing your work, you go home but you have no time for your family. You need help. You need people to take the pressure off your shoulders and help you develop your business. There are so many problems associated with finding a suitable workforce; what if the new employees are not professional enough? What if you would fail to retain them for a long time? What if they do not meet the company’s standards? What if they could not deal with the team? What if they would leave the company after passing the training course?

Choosing the wrong workforce can greatly damage businesses. To prevent such a mistake, you must first adequately describe the job along with the required qualifications; there may be many skilled workers available, but they may not be appropriate for your business culture or not have the required qualifications.

Therefore, you need to spend some time preparing a clear and precise job description, and try to keep in mind these items. Choose a smart description for the job you want to be done, mention the items that make the job more attractive for job seekers, and specify whether you are looking for a part-time or full-time workforce. If you have considered an attractive package, mention it along with other incentives such as private cell phones, lack of overtime work, permission to study while working, and transportation services, if any. In the job description, mention the values you expect from your employees and specify the exact job experience you require as well as the necessary skills and certificates. Keep in mind that you are looking for skills that your own employees do not possess. In the description, mention the career path development for the position, e.g. whether skilled workers can become managers in the future, or if there is any guarantee for trainees to continue working there after passing the course. Now, you know exactly what you want from your workers and must take action to find them.

Some employers try to find suitable candidates through their colleagues and other employees; they think it is best to find employees through trustworthy channels around them. But other employers try to train their current employees for new jobs and do not pay additional costs for recruiting a new workforce. Recruitment through employment companies or by using other companies’ resources is a popular path for employers these days because this will allow them to choose the desired workforce more quickly and efficiently. Some employment companies perform employee recruitment in a specialized manner and for certain positions because such companies’ experts mostly have job experience in that field. They are able to provide related CVs which meet the employers’ needs and requests, and facilitate finding suitable candidates based on their background.

Commerce is a career position in which managers are very sensitive to the recruitment of suitable candidates. The quality of the commercial workforce has an important effect on companies’ development. Mastery of processes, import, and export; familiarity with international commerce terms; database management of the country of origin; familiarity with customs regulations; innovation in relation with auditors; knowledge of governmental regulations related to commerce, and ensuring that these comply with the most recently established commercial terms; and building effective relationships with governmental institutions, customers, and commercial partners are points that a commercial workforce at different levels must be familiar with, and employers recruit staff, specialists, supervisors, or managers based on these points. Recruitment of commercial supervisors or managers is a challenge for the employer because managers know the importance of this position in their business and try to maintain their specialized workforce. This is where employment companies could help employers.

Human resource experts who are specialized in commercial affairs can identify managers’ needs in a much shorter time and offer them the best CVs. Moreover, commercial job seekers can refer to such companies to follow up their career path, find their suitable jobs more efficiently, and join a company that matches their abilities the most.


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